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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Ufuk Askeroğlu explained what you need to know about bella eyes.Bella Eyes or (cat eyes or also known as almond shaped eyes) aesthetics,which offers the opportunity to have more attractive looks.The eyes are the most noticeable beauty elements of the face.

Slanted eyes and raised eyebrows, that is, almond eye shape, are always among the most ideal beauty criteria.It provides an aesthetic appearance that many women dream of having.Thanks to the developing medicine, the almond eye shape (Bella Eyes) can be applied,quite successfully with the opportunities offered by aesthetic surgery without a visible scar.

How is Bella Eyes® surgery (almond eyes/ cat eyes) performed?

Almond eye shape is performed under general anesthesia with an operation that lasts an average of 1 and half an hour.With the endoscopic technique, the surgery is performed with minimal incisions of 2cm opened through the scalp.Through minimal incisions, eye and eyebrow shapes are restored to the desired position and are the shaped with endoscopic techniques.Immediately after the operation, the almond eye shape is immediately revealed.Since almond eye (Bella Eyes) surgery is a minimally invasive procedure,the healing process is quite fast and effortless.

Minimal incisions in the scalp heal in an average of 1 to 10 days.This period may vary according to the skin quality and lifestyle of the patient.During this period, full compliance with the instructions given by the doctor must be ensured.It is very important not to use blood thinners before surgery and to avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

It is advisable not to do heavy exercise for several weeks.Bella Eyes® (Almond eye/ cat eyes aesthetics) can be combined with Trinity Lift,which is endoscopic cheek lift aesthetics according to the needs of the patient.With a combined aesthetic operation, more than one aesthetic problem of the patient can be treated simultaneously.In this way, a more aesthetic appearance can be achieved.To get more information about Bella Eyes (almond eye aesthetics),it is necessary to consult a specialist aesthetic surgeon in the field.

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