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Body Aesthetics

It is the formal changes made on the bodies of people who experience sudden weight loss. Thanks to the applications called body aesthetics, we aim to improve people’s external appearance. Over time, deformations occur on the body due to external factors. At the same time, lubrication and weight gain are seen with the effect of hereditary reasons.

Many people visit specialist physicians in order to have a fit and aesthetic appearance. They are mostly aesthetic procedures demanded by women. The aim here is to minimize the accumulated fat in hips and belly.

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    It is among the aesthetic applications made to improve the deformities seen in the form of the body. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a weight loss technique. It aims to remove the existing fat or to distribute it in a balanced way. Thanks to the procedures applied during the liposuction process, the person’s body achieves the desired aesthetic appearance.

    It can be used in the treatment of aesthetic problems of individuals who do not have a chronic health problem and do not have a pregnancy condition. However, it cannot be said that people who experience weight loss irregularly get an effective result. Certain habits must be changed after the procedure in order for the liposuction application to be more effective and provide long-lasting results. The process should progress with the follow-up of specialist physicians.

    vaser liposuction yağ aldırma

    Vaser Liposuction

    It is a procedure that has come to the fore in recent years among body aesthetic methods. During 1-2 sessions, the fat tissue in the patient is recovered. Compared to other fat removal techniques, the body is shaped at a higher rate and effectively. According to hormonal reasons and family history, lubrication varies from person to person.

    It comes to the fore at the point of removing settled fat tissues that have been found for many years. It includes laser application specially designed for the regulation of adipose tissue. It covers the improvement of the targeted area with the effect of heat.

    Tummy Tuck

    After weight loss, some skin deformations can be seen on the abdomen. It is one of the aesthetic applications that intervene in tissues with distortion and sagging in terms of shape. It is an operation frequently applied by people who cannot get results by improving their eating habits and sports activities. In addition, the skin tissue may lose its aesthetic appearance in the post-pregnancy period. Abdominoplasty is a method that is frequently used in this sense.

    karın germe tummy tuck
    jinekomasti gynecomasty gynecomastia


    Formal differences can be seen in breast structure in men. It is estimated to occur due to disorders in the production of testosterone and estrogen hormones. Gynecomastia is the name given to deformities in men. It can manifest itself with symptoms such as chest pain. Depending on the cause, the treatment plan may differ. Some people are treated with surgery or medication. It is determined by a specialist in the field in accordance with the patient’s complaints.

    Breast Reconstruction

    It is the name given to the aesthetic procedures performed on patients after the treatment of diseases such as breast cancer. It covers the formal changes made on the chest wall. It is a process that should be followed in direct proportion to the oncological processes of the people, together with their aesthetic needs. On the other hand, it provides advantages to individuals in terms of psychological health. It also includes the surgical procedures performed for the purpose of editing after the breast augmentation operation.

    meme reconstrüksiyonu brast reconstrucktion
    meme büyütme silikon taktırma göğüs slikonu

    Breast Augmentation

    It is an aesthetic intervention method applied to breasts that are disproportionately small to the person’s body type. Breast augmentation is performed by recording data such as anatomical features, weight level, height measurement. In order to obtain a natural and aesthetic appearance, the evaluation of the specialist physician is very important.

    Breast Reduction

    Depending on weight gain, genetic characteristics and hormonal reasons, breast reduction can be applied. In addition, breast enlargement can be seen with the effect of drugs used in the treatment of some diseases. It is recorded that it causes back and neck pain in orthopedic terms. Excess fat tissue in the breast is removed. Thus, it has an aesthetic and healthy appearance.

    meme küçültme reduction mammaplasty
    breast lifting meme dikleştirme operasyonu

    Breast Lift

    Depending on the age factor, it is observed that the skin tissue loses its tight structure over time. Sagging may occur as a result of factors such as lactation period, pregnancy and decrease in weight level. Breast lift is a method that is frequently applied in body aesthetic applications. Surgical intervention techniques differ according to the anatomical characteristics of the person. With the implant placed under the breast area, it gains an upright appearance as a stance.

    Genital Aesthetics

    In women, morphological differences can be seen in the genital area as a result of developmental or environmental factors. Apart from physiological problems, it has been observed that genital aesthetic applications are applied after pregnancy. In terms of sexual health, some problems may occur in people. Defluxion can be exemplified as a sexual reluctance.

    Although it is known that it affects the daily life negatively, it also causes difficulties for individuals in psychological and social aspects. Stress, increased anxiety and loss of self-confidence can be seen. It includes genital aesthetic applications, which are seen among the body aesthetic methods and aim to heal color changes, regulate soft tissues, and narrow the vagina.

    genital estetik genital aesthetic
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