Meme küçültme
Recovery Period



Operation Time

2-3 hours


1 night

Healing Period

4-5 days

Getting Life Back To Normal

7 days

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    The purpose of this is to take away the excess breast tissue and reshape the remained one. After reshaping the inner part of the breast the excess skin is eliminated for a better shape.

    Usually planned by reverse T shape or the nipple extracted reshaped and fixed again. After operation the patients are not suffering of breast related pains anymore.

    Breast Lift is done with half moon shape incision circular (circumareolar) and circular+vertical (circuvertical), short and long T incision. During operation shaping with implant and with own tissue and fat injection is possible to obtain targeted shape.

    VIP Shuttle Services
    VIP Shuttle Services

    You will be welcomed at the airport on your arrival by our VIP English speaking shuttle driver, and then transferred to your pre-booked hotel.

    Contracted Hospitals
    Contracted Hospitals

    Our doctors operate at some of the most modern and fully equipped private hospitals in Istanbul to ensure the highest quality for our patients’ pre and post-op processes.

    Medical Support
    Medical Support

    We provide life-long medical support for all the patients who have undergone any surgeries under Askeroğlu Health Group.


    Your hotel reservation is done as soon as you confirm a surgery date, so you won’t need to go through the hustle yourself! We are here for you!