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What is the Best Method for Hair Transplantation?

In Turkey and around the world, especially with the advancement of technology,the techniques employed in hair transplantation procedures may be implemented,much more effortlessly and easily and produce natural results.One of the hair transplantation methods used nowadays is (DHI technique ) the choi technique,which is comfortable for the patient and generally favored by surgeons.

The best method for hair transplantation is always being improved by technological advancements.The Choi hair transplanting procedure, created with the Choi pen,but is currently one of the most comfortable and effective methods.It is the technique that makes it possible to properly transplant,hair follicles from the healthy area to the thick, dense area of hair loss.

What Qualifies as the Best Hair Transplantation Method?

First and foremost, a natural appearance in the hair after the transplantation process,is the condition that both the patient and the doctor want and desire in the hair transplantation technique.At the same time, one of the ideal circumstances is when the hair density gradually increases from the forehead to the top,the hairline looks natural, and there are no scars on the scalp.

What Benefits Does the Choi Technique Offer?

The fact that the complete hair does not need to be shaved,is the main benefit of the Choi pen hair transplant technique.Other traditional FUE hair transplant treatments required shaving the hair first.Patients didn’t really like this circumstance at all that much.The hair’s scalp does not need to be shaved, though, for the modern planting method.

In shaved hair transplanting, the head’s look and opened hair channels do not make for a pretty picture.Patients avoid this image as aresult.Patients favor this approach the most since it produces a more realistic image thanks to the Choi pen technique.

What standards apply to the best hair transplantation techniques?

The anesthesia used during hair transplant therapy is crucial.The fact that anaesthesia is administered via the hair transplanting process painlessly is one of its benefits.When the Choi method is used for hair transplant but the procedure is finished in 30% less time compared to other methods.As a result, while this offers a significant benefit for transplant, it also benefits the patient’s comfort.

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