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    Our Treatments

    Treatment services where you will get the most efficient results with high-quality technology and world-class equipment.

    Health Tourism

    Why Turkey?

    Take the opportunity to experience your holiday in Turkey and the indispensable historical Istanbul, where you will both get your treatment and experience unforgettable memories. Witness the synthesis of Europe and Asia of Istanbul, the bridge between East and West and the cradle of civilization, which has fascinated people for centuries.

    Askeroğlu Health Group

    Contracted Hospitals

    We provide full-fledged service in our contracted hospitals, where your comfort is at the forefront, and which maintain its vision with modern methods and designs.


    We welcome you in our contracted hotels with thoughtful services such as transportation, food, and language, and we stand by you for all your requests and needs.

    Medical Support

    We never leave you alone before, during, and after the treatment and we stand by you with all the medical support you need, both online and face-to-face.

    VIP Service

    We provide support as your clique with our departure and return services for your hospital and accommodation, and we leave you on time with the VIP service vehicle of your choice.


    Contact us so that we can serve you better and get more detailed information about our treatments.

    Indispensable trust from day one.

    Your satisfaction is our priority

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