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    Rhinoplasty can be used to refine and reshape the tip of the nose

    One of the most common reasons patients undergo rhinoplasty is for a poorly defined nose tip. Patients with a bulbous tip, thick tip, full tip, or wide tip of the nose can benefit from reshaping the nose tip at Askeroglu Health Group. When a surgeon advises or counsels a patient, they emphasize maintaining a symmetrical and aesthetically attractive nasal tip width. The light reflex lines stay the same width until they reach the tip-defining point, where they diverge somewhat.

    The upper half of the nose of a patient with a bulbous tip may be thin, while the lower part of the nose may be very large and bulbous. In a female patient, a lack of definition or tip refinement in the bottom portion of the nose is not always appealing, which is why many women seek rhinoplasty for nose tip contouring.

    The first stage in the rhinoplasty procedure is to schedule a consultation with an experienced, specialist surgeon who can inspect the inside of the nose, the outside, and the skin thickness — this is significant because some patients have very thick skin that prevents nasal tip remodelling. When removing cartilage with a bulbous tip, most surgeons utilize a cartilage-sculpting approach. It’s critical at this point to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty.

    During a rhinoplasty, it’s vital not to overdo cartilage removal or try to polish the tip. This causes an extremely narrow tip and, in most cases, breathing difficulties and/or a lack of support for the tip of the nose. During the nose tip reshaping procedure, an expert plastic surgeon will naturally take this into account.


    Consultation on Nasal Tip

    Every surgery at Askeroglu Health Group begins with a consultation, which allows our board-certified surgeons to analyze the patient and learn about their desired outcomes. Patients will meet with our surgeons prior to each nose tip rhinoplasty to discuss their surgical goals and get all of their questions about the treatment answered.

    Our doctors’ combined rhinoplasty experience of more than ten years allows them to handle a wide range of issues and goals while tailoring the procedure to the individual patient. Patients can ask questions regarding the doctor, the practice, the cost, and the procedure itself during this session. Other structural or cosmetic concerns contributing to a disproportionate appearance on the face, as well as structural difficulties that can block natural breathing, may be identified by a nose-focused surgeon in some situations.


    Nose Tip Reshaping Surgery

    Nasal tip rhinoplasty can be done in two ways, each with its own set of incisions. Because incisions are not made on the outside of the nose, these procedures are classified as open or closed (endonasal or “scarless”) rhinoplasty. The open method to nose tip reshaping, according to some surgeons, allows for a more exact surgery.

    A closed technique, on the other hand, is likely to be preferred by a surgeon who has advanced in competence, as it results in less scarring, faster healing time, and more successful outcomes. In most cases, nose tip reshaping is done as an outpatient operation, allowing the patient to return home after the procedure.

    Local anaesthetic is combined with twilight or general anesthesia, according to the surgeon’s and patients’ preferences. An experienced and credentialed anesthesia physician administers all anaesthetic alternatives.

    Rhinoplasty® FAQ

    After rhinoplasty, you must stay in Istanbul for 7 days. The splints placed after the surgery and the silicone pads placed inside the nose are removed on the seventh day. Therefore, you can return to your home country after the seventh day.

    On average, if you don't want anyone to notice whether you have undergone a surgery, you can return to work on the 10th day, or 7 days after the surgery if you have no concerns about it. To prevent edema, a special tape is applied on the nose after the seventh day. This is removed on the tenth day. Therefore, it is possible to start work after 7 to 10 days.

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    Contracted Hospitals

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    Medical Support

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