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Hollywood Face ®


    What is Hollywood Face®?


    A slimmer and more defined face? Cheeks play a very important role in the general shape and aesthetic appearance of the face. In order to have a younger, more attractive and aesthetic appearance, the chin and cheeks should form a triangular shape. This is considered the ideal shape according to the golden ratio calculations. Hollywood Face aesthetics is a procedure of making the face triangular by using angular facial contours and removing excess fat pads on the cheek. With this technique, pioneered by Hollywood stars, successful results are obtained that make patients very happy in terms of aesthetics. This technique is also known as the bichectomy technique.

    How is it applied?

    Hollywood Face operation is performed by removing excess fat masses from the cheeks with a 1-centimeter incision made from the inside of the mouth. In this way, no scars are left outside the face. It is a very effortless operation for the patient, which is performed under local anesthesia and takes an average of 30 minutes. Determining the amount of fat to be removed according to the face shape of the patient, creating a personalized chin/cheek triangle after the operation and not disturbing the patient by the stitches in the mouth after the operation are the criteria that should be considered for the success of the surgery.

    To whom is it applied?

    Hollywood Face aesthetics is applied to people aged 20-30, who have genetically drooping cheeks or excessively rectangular or rounded cheeks which make them look older than their age and cause a constant tired expression on their faces. Fat accumulations on the cheeks make the person look more sad and tired than in the slightest stress, sadness and fatigue. With Hollywood cheek aesthetics, patients can have a younger, more attractive and aesthetic facial line.

    Although it is an operation generally preferred by women, men have recently been able to have more attractive facial features with cheek aesthetics. Hollywood cheek aesthetics have different features for men and women, and are individually planned. Cheek design and application differ in men and women.

    How is the recovery process?

    Since there will be small stitches in the mouth after the aesthetic operation, liquid foods should be preferred on the first day. The next day, you can gradually switch to normal food. In the first 3 days, it is necessary to keep the sutures sterile with mouthwash. The area of the stitches almost never hurts, and patients sometimes even forget that they have stitches in their mouths. Since the self-dissolving sutures will dissolve in a few days, they do not need to be removed by the surgeon. A very slight sensitivity may be felt in the cheek area for a few days. Patients can even return to work the same day. You will have the attractive cheeks you dream of with your cheeks that will have their final shape in about 3 weeks.

    Selfie aesthetic!

    People with an overweight face have a particular phobia of taking pictures. With the Hollywood Face operation, the thinned face line, the prominent chin and cheekbones, the patients begin to take gorgeous selfies with confidence. That’s why we call this approach “the selfie aesthetic.”

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