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    What is Barbie Makeover?

    The barbie makeover is our signature brand and consists of today’s most popular combined plastic surgery procedures, intended exclusively to address common issues faced by women. The surgical process has made its way into popular culture, and it has become the surgery of choice among many women.

    The term “Barbie Makeover” refers to a specialized set of body reshaping treatments that are performed in tandem to improve physical alterations. The fact that the Barbie makeover has no predetermined components contributes to its appeal; each process is custom-tailored to the particular patient’s specific demands. The surgical technique, on the other hand, usually begins with a breast and abdominal reshaping treatment, followed by the addition of additional parts as needed.


    The components of a Barbie Makeover

    Since the breasts and belly are the most common areas of modification for women for a variety of reasons, a barbie makeover will usually include a breast and abdomen treatment. The breasts will grow during pregnancy and breast-feeding, sometimes by a full cup size or more. Returning to ‘normal’ can, however, result in a considerable loss of breast volume and visible sagging. The abdominal muscles, skin, and tissues stretch due to different factors such as pregnancy and aging.


    Your barbie makeover may include:

    • Breast Augmentation
    • Breast Lift
    • Breast Reduction
    • Tummy Tuck
    • Vaser Liposuction
    • Conventional Liposuction

    Breast implants can replace lost volume and fullness, while a breast lift can improve shape by lifting sagging skin. Our surgeons now use the Keller Funnel as a touch-free approach to avoid the risk of infection and capsular contracture during breast augmentation. Breast reduction surgery can help people with abnormally large, unpleasant breasts achieve a smaller, more desirable appearance.

    Abdominoplasty (also known as a Tummy Tuck) is a widely added method to further improve the figure. A barbie makeover can also involve a thigh lift, arm lift, or a (BBL) Brazilian butt lift, so women don’t have to stop there. A Barbie makeover can be done in one single operation or carried out over numerous surgical sessions, depending on the individual surgeon and the prescribed combination of operations.


    10 things you need to know about the barbie makeover:

    1. The Barbie makeover will be done as an outpatient procedure, which means you will be able to recover at home. Our surgeon may recommend an overnight recovery suite for additional assistance within the first 24 hours.
    2. Your recovery could take one to two weeks — Although your recovery time will vary depending on the treatments included in your Barbie makeover, expect to be sore, bruised, and swollen for up to two weeks.
    3. You’ll need assistance around the house – You’ll be exhausted and tender for several days after your Barbie makeover, making normal chores impossible; solicit the services of a family member or friend to help you around the house.
    4. No driving until specific pain drugs have been discontinued — Our surgeon will prescribe the appropriate pain meds for a quick recovery, but do not drive while on narcotics.
    5. Swelling can continue up to six months — While the benefits of a barbie makeover are immediate, the overall results cannot be determined until all swelling has subsided, which can take anywhere from three to six months.
    6. No heavy lifting, including babies – For at least six weeks after your barbie makeover, avoid vigorous exercise and heavy lifting, which includes carrying new-borns and children weighing more than ten pounds.
    7. A non-smoker can get a Barbie makeover – Stop smoking for at least four weeks before and after your mommy makeover because smoking reduces circulation, which delays wound healing and increases the risk of significant problems. Better still, use this as an excuse to quit smoking completely.
    8. You’ll still need gym time — To ensure that the results of your Barbie makeover last, maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet and regular exercise.
    9. Since the Barbie makeover entails a combination of invasive procedures, our surgeons are among the best and most skilled in the field to ensure the best result during safe surgeries; never jeopardize your health or safety to save money.
    10. Get ready for a significant rise in self-esteem – Your barbie makeover will transform your life, giving you back your confidence and pride in your beauty.
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