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Hair Transplant in Turkey


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    Recovery Period

    Hair Transplant in Turkey

    The DHI hair transplant in Turkey method, which stands for Direct Hair Implantation,allows hair transplant without channel opening,it allows us to get a natural image with maximum frequency by giving minimum damage to the skin.Hair follicles are transplanted directly into the skin through medical pens called ‘Choi’.Before the procedure, the donor area and the balding area are examined carefully.Next, the most suitable natural hairline is determined for the patient, and then the transplantation area is anesthetized with local anesthesia.

    DHI Hair Transplantation the hair in the nape area is determined as the donor area.The hair in the nape area is divided into groups among themselves,in the form of one-duo and multiple grafts.Another of the most important elements that provides a natural hair transplantation is to create the front hairline with single baby hair follicles.In the DHI hair transplant in Turkey process,the process is performed by taking the patient’s own hair aspects as an example.Since the diameters of Choi planting pens are small,there is not a significant damage to the skin as in the old system of FUE.Since the damage to the skin is minimal,the recovery time is much faster and the transition of the patient to daily life will be faster.

    What are the differences between DHI & FUE techniques?

    • The recovery time in the DHI technique is slightly shorter than in the FUE technique and there is almost no bleeding.
    • Since the channel opening process is not performed in DHI Hair transplant in Turkey, the damage to the skin is minimal.
    • FUE transplantation is done with a medical instrument called a Penset. Although this tool is more comfortable than the DHI Pen in terms of usage mechanics, it does not give as good results as DHI because it is likely to damage the roots during the process.
    • Since there is no channel opening process in DHI transplantation as in the FUE method, it allows us to transplant more follicles more frequently and more intensively.

    How does DHI hair transplant in Turkey technique work?

    DHI uses a similar technique to FUE hair implantation and is a modified version of it. In balding areas, your surgeon will remove hair follicles from a region of your scalp, typically the back of your head. New hairs will eventually sprout from these hair follicles. Here is what to anticipate during the procedure in general:

    1. Your surgeon will trim your hair and numb it with local anesthesia before shaving it.
    2. Using an instrument with a fine tip, the surgeon will remove hair follicles from the back of your head.
    3. The hair follicles will be inserted into the balding area of your scalp using a pen-shaped equipment.
    4. All locations will be bandaged, and an antibiotic cream will be applied by the surgeon. The length of time required to conduct DHI procedure depends on how many hair follicles are being transplanted, however the exact time can vary. To fully appreciate the effects of the procedure, it may take 12 to 18 months.

    Density of donor hair: Less than 40 follicles per square centimeter of hair at the donor location is regarded as a poor candidate for hair transplants.

    Who needs a DHI process?

    The best candidates for hair implantations have androgenic alopecia,which is the most prevalent form of hair loss. Depending on the gender, this condition is known as male or female pattern hair loss.

    Who is a good candidate for DHI hair transplantation?

    Age: Anyone getting hair implants should be at least 25 years old.Before this age, hair loss is more unpredictable.

    Hair thickness: Generally speaking, persons with thicker hair perform better than those with thinner hair.Each hair follicle is more fully covered by thicker hair.

    Density of donor hair: Less than 40 follicles Trusted Source per square centimeter of hair at the donor location is regarded as a poor candidate for hair transplants.

    Hair Color: The finest results are frequently attained by those with light hair or hair that closely matches their skin tone.

    Expectations: Most people are most likely to be happy with their outcomes when they have realistic expectations.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Crusting after hair transplantation disappears completely within 10 days.

    Since the transplanted hair is taken from the hair with non-shedding hair genetics between the two ears, it will remain in the same way in its new places, that is, for a lifetime.

    Walking can be started in a few days. However, sports that may damage the scalp (such as football, fitness) should be avoided for 1-1.5 months.

    It is not recommended to enter the sea, pool, hammam and sauna for 1 month.

    Hair dye should not be used for 4-5 months.

    A slight burning is felt during local anesthesia.

    Later, during the operation, the patient does not feel any pain.

    2-4 days depending on how many grafts will be transplanted.

    Hair transplantation is done under local anaesthesia.

    No, although hair transplantation is done at a hospital, you will be able to continue your daily routine on the same day.

    The operation may be done during one or two sessions (6-8 hours) depending on the number of grafts and severity of the balding area.

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