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    Attractive Bella Eyes are one of the most important features in facial beauty. There are several procedures to enhance and beautify the eyes that can be performed by aesthetic and plastic surgeons.Regardless of these methods,the key to the success of an aesthetically pleasing eye is the aesthetic unit principle, which restores harmony between overall facial structures. The term ‘‘Bella’’ relates to the Italian and Latin word for beautiful and the name Belle, which means beautiful in French. With this particular combination of endoscopic interventions, our attempt was to improve and/or relocate each of the periorbital aesthetic units as well as form an attractive expression.

    Bella Eyes Turkey

    In this study, we suggest ‘‘bella eyes’’ as a descriptive term for periorbital rejuvenation proce dures,consisting of an endoscopic brow lift, dynamic canthopexy, and temporal lifting. Almond shaped slanting eyes and raised eyebrows are among the criteria that are among the ideal beauty concepts. With traditional techniques, this look cannot be achieved with technical support; however, most people desire to achieve this look. Anatomical features of a beautiful eye may vary according to gender, age, ethnicity, and cultural perceptions. 

    Despite the variety of anthropometric measures among humans bella eyes there are still some general principles that are common to aesthetically accepted eyes. A fuller brow with a slight elevation of the lateral brow has a more youthful appearance. The endoscopic approach we applied for our patients provided successful aesthetic contouring of the periocular aesthetic unit with minimal scarring and a quick recovery time.

    It is certain that Bella Hadid’s upturned muscles and slanted eyes are the pioneers of this trend. Since the slanted eyes show a slightly raised face, it provides a young and dynamic face appearance in people. However, you should not be disappointed when you say that I will have almond eyes.As a matter of fact, having raised muscles with non-surgical options, unfortunately,can only be said as a dream or a temporary dream.

    So, what is Bella Eyes’ permanent solution?

    Today, it is possible to achieve this look with a special operation that takes an average of one hour.Bella Eyes is applied with an operation that takes an average of 1 hour.Thanks to endoscopic techniques, the operation is performed with minimal incisions of 2 cm from the scalp.In this way, no visible seam marks are formed. Through these minimal incisions,both eye and eyebrow shape can be intervened.

    The targeted appearance can be successfully achieved with a minimally invasive procedure.We combined endoscopic brow lift and temporal lift with endoscopic dynamic canthopexy procedures, in young women who desire to have beautiful eyes.We named this procedure ‘‘bella eyes.’’ Since the initiation of our procedure,it has gained a lot of attention among young women.The recovery time is quite short. Patient satisfaction is high, and the endoscopic technique eliminates all of the minor deformities and provides excellent harmony through each subunit of the periocular area with minimal discomfort and well-hidden scars.We believe that this procedure is a good way to achieve a beautiful eye in young women.

    Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, the healing process is fast and effortless.Since the scars are hidden between the hair and minimal incisions are made,this process can be done only with small edemas without any visible scars.Depending on the skin type, bruising and edema may vary.Depending on the patient’s skin and quality of life,recovery can be completed in an average of 1 week.

    The results of the aesthetic procedure are visible immediately after the operation.The beautiful part is that the ratio of the eyes to be slanted and the muscles to be raised is completely up to you.A very dramatic or very natural result is possible. Bella Eyes is the most important brand of the field in the last few years and it is a patented technique accepted in the USA and published in Pub Med!


    Bella Eyes is an endoscopic plastic surgery done under general anesthesia, which has longer lasting effects, unlike the traditional method called thread lift.
    It should also be noted that surgeries done under local anesthesia has proven not to be permanent.

    It lasts for about one and half an hour.

    4-5 days will be enough, you will be able to return to your home country by plane after the examination done on the 5th day. However, there are small bioabsorbable sutures in your scalp, and their removal is important not to leave any scars. You can easily have them removed in your home country and you do not need to wait in Istanbul for it, but if you wish to have them removed by us, then you may need to stay here up to 8 days.

    Our patients are usually able to return to work after 7-10 days. However, it will take one month for the edemas and swelling to disappear. It should also be taken into consideration that all aesthetic surgeries will reveal their best results 6 months after the surgery.

    Bella Eyes® aesthetic surgery is done using endoscopic method, and there are only a few surgeons in the world who use this method. Therefore, when the surgery is done by an experienced surgeon in the field, the surgery proves not to have any risks nor complications. It is a serious surgery therefore surgeons’ experience plays a critical role.

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