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Facial Aesthetics

The general name given to all aesthetic procedures performed on the face, neck and décolleté area is called facial aesthetics. It includes operations such as facial aesthetics, face lift, neck lift, face correction, rhinoplasty, lip aesthetics, ear aesthetics, eye surgery, eyebrow lift, chin aesthetics.

The aim of facial aesthetics is to make the face look younger, healthier, lively and beautiful. In order to achieve the desired appearance, facial wrinkles are removed, sagging is corrected, facial skin is tightened and the face is made younger. Considering the first signs of aging on the face, you can understand why facial aesthetics is so important.

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    bella eyes aesthetics

    Bella Eyes®

    The process of lifting the eyes up to make them look bigger and more beautiful is called bella eyes. Bella eye aesthetics, also known as cat eye aesthetics, is considered a solution when the skin looks a little tired, signs of aging appear and the face loses its fresh and youthful appearance.

    Bichectomy - Holywood Face®

    Cheek bichectomy, also known colloquially as cheek reduction surgery, is the process of shaping the cheeks and their surroundings as a result of removing the adipose tissue in the mouth with plastic surgery. The processes of shaping the cheek and cheek area are known as bichectomy surgery.

    hollywood yanağı bichektomy bichectomy
    trinity lift aesthetic surgeny

    Trinity Lift®

    With the effect of aging and gravity, the elasticity and fullness of the skin are lost. The sagging of the cheeks and eyelids, as well. All of these can cause the person to look older, tired or unhappy. With mid-face lift aesthetics, cheeks and lower eyelids can be made to look smoother and younger.

    Nose Aesthetic

    The nose is one of the most important organs that defines the face and can take many different shapes. In some people, rhinoplasty is used because a very wide, very large or arched nose may cause discomfort, especially in social life. After rhinoplasty surgery performed for aesthetic reasons, the shape of the nose is thinned or reduced according to the patient’s needs. Rhinoplasty is usually performed after the age of 18, when the development of the nose is completed in both men and women.

    burun estetiği rhinoplasty nose aesthetic
    burun ucu estetiği nose aesthetics

    Nose Tip Aesthetics

    Nasal tip aesthetics is preferred when there is no visual or functional problem in the upper bony part of the nose. The cartilage roof in the lower part of the nose is intervened. Since no surgery is performed on the bony area, it is a relatively short and more comfortable operation for the patient.

    Closed Nose Aesthetics

    Closed rhinoplasty is the most preferred rhinoplasty method today. Thanks to the developments in the field of medicine and innovations in the field of technology, it is now possible to perform rhinoplasty with the closed method. Therefore, the healing process takes less time and can be applied without leaving a scar.

    kapalı burun ameliyatı nose surgeny
    yüz germe estetiği face lifting

    Face Lift

    A facelift is the most effective and long-lasting way to remove wrinkles. Facial wrinkles increase with age. This is due to the gradual breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers that give the face elasticity and firmness. A facelift has the potential to make the skin look 10 years younger. The skin’s ability to retain moisture and reduce oil content also increases with age. For this reason, the sagging skin regains its former state over time thanks to this procedure.

    Neck Lift

    Today, routine neck lift operations are generally used to remove sagging and lines that begin to appear at early 40s and become more apparent at 50s. In neck lift procedures, the drooping skin in the cheek, chin and neck area is usually the first choice of those who aim to achieve a youthful appearance.

    boyun gerdirme ameliyatı neck lifting
    göz kapağı estetiği

    Eyelid aesthetic

    It is a surgical procedure applied to the lower and upper eyelids by a plastic surgeon to remove loose skin, excess muscle tissue and tight tissue around the eyes. With aging, skin sagging naturally occurs with the effect of gravity. With this process, symptoms such as bagging on the eyelids, sagging skin, discoloration, cracks and wrinkles appear.

    Lip filler

    It is the process of injecting filler into and around the lips to shape the structure of the lips or to add volume to the lips. The filler used in this operation, which is an aesthetic procedure, is hyaluronic acid, which is known to add volume to the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin smooth while repairing the tissue, has a structure compatible with the lip tissue.

    dudak dolgusu dudak estetiği lip aesthetic
    kulak estetiği ear asthetic

    Ear Aesthetics

    You can also benefit from facial aesthetics to correct ear deformities after birth or due to genetic factors. Various surgeries are performed because the ear is tilted forward, or there is excess cartilage in the ear or it is on the upper part of the tip.

    Chin Aesthetics

    The surgical procedure to change the appearance of the chin and make it more compatible with the whole face is called chin aesthetics. In this operation, the shape of the jawbone is changed. Although methods such as implant or tissue addition can be performed in patients with small jaws, applications such as displacement, movement or shortening of the deformed jaw can also be performed.

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