Medikal Estetik

Medical Aesthetic

Today, skin care applications are among the most frequently applied care methods. Everyone wants to have beautiful and healthy-looking skin. Skin care applications; which delay aging & allow the skin to stay healthier, include applications and therapies to give the skin a smooth and lively appearance. Skin wears out over time due to aging, weather conditions, stress, environmental factors such as smoking. It is necessary to apply skin care applications in order to prevent wrinkles, deformities, sagging and spots on your skin. Skin care applications are carried out by our professional beauticians using the latest technological devices according to our clients’ needs & skin type.

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    Botolunium Toxine Applications

    Botolunium Toxine is one of the most popular skin care applications today. Due to genetic factors, aging or excessive use of facial expressions, wrinkles appear in certain areas of our face such as around the eyes, between the eyebrows, forehead, and nasal bridge. Botolunium Toxine , which is applied in appropriate doses by experts in the field, gives the person a younger and fitter appearance. Botolunium Toxine applied for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes include wrinkle treatment, face shaping, excessive sweating treatment & migraine treatment. Botolunium Toxine administered as an injection is not a painful procedure.

    botoks botox botulin toxin
    altın iğne golden needle gold injection

    Golden Needle

    The golden needle application, which is among the methods used to have a healthy and beautiful skin, is among the innovative skin care applications that have been frequently applied in recent years with the development of technology. It is done with laser beams and radio waves. In this way, the procedure is applied directly under the skin without affecting the skin surface, and the skin gets a more lively, bright and tense appearance. Gold needle provides the opportunity to rejuvenate the face without any surgery and scar.


    The most preferred filling application among aesthetic applications is applied to make problematic and deficient areas functional. Filling material is applied with fine needles as in Botulinum Toksin application. It is extremely important that the filling application is done by experts in the field. In order to obtain a beautiful look, it is important to apply the right dose to the desired area. Today, mostly face and lip fillings are preferred. However, skin filling is also applied to the décolleté, neck, hands, feet and areas such as chest, hip, calf, arm.

    dolgu uygulamaları
    skin care cilt bakımı

    Skin care

    The structure of our skin can be damaged due to genetic factors, environmental factors or psychological factors. Skin care therapies are used to repair the damage and to make the skin look healthier and younger. Our skin care applications are carried out by professionals who are experts in their field. Products enriched with dermatological ingredients are prepared according to the needs of our clients.

    Medical Skin Care

    Medical skin care using dermatological cosmetics purifies the skin from the accumulated dirt starting from the upper layer. Medical skin care deeply moisturizes the skin and allows the skin to restore its sebum balance. Regular medical skin care preserves the vitality of the skin, activates the blood circulation and lymphatic system, prevents loss of elasticity, and provides protection against skin blemishes.

    medikal cilt bakımı medical skin care
    deniz tuzu terapis the salt facial

    Sea Salt Therapy

    Salt, which is of great importance among the basic foods for life, plays an active role in regeneration, cleaning and improvement of the skin surface. Sea salt therapy, which provides significant improvement in skin health, skin structure and skin color, can be applied to all skin types. It is a popular therapy that is highly preferred among skin care applications because it neither has any side effects nor contains chemicals.

    Bloomea Emerald Shine

    Bloomea Emerald Radiance, which is applied to give the skin a natural glow, is among the most effective skin care techniques. The therapy applied to have a brighter, beautiful and healthy skin reduces many skin problems, smoothes the skin and evens the skin tone. In addition, Bloomea Emerald Shine has proven to be highly successful in the treatment of skin cracks.

    bloomea zümrüt ışıltısı skin care
    nem aşısı

    Moisture Vaccine

    Our skin stays young by constantly renewing and repairing itself. In cases where regeneration and repair are insufficient, signs of aging appear. Signs of aging occur when the skin is dry, dehydrated, and the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases. Moisture vaccine is applied to eliminate all these symptoms and to make the skin look lively and young. Moisture vaccine is applied in a single session in order to moisturize the skin intensely from deep to the skin surface. With the moisture vaccine, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins are injected under the skin.


    Today, mesotherapy is used in many different areas. Mesotherapy is the application of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes alone or generally in a mixture to the middle layer of the skin by microinjection. Mesotherapy applied around the world shows its effect by stimulating structures such as collagen and elastin under the skin. Mesotherapy is applied in many skin problems such as skin aging and sagging, spot formation, skin cracks.

    mezoterapi mezotherapy


    HydraFacial, known as anti-aging; It is applied in skin rejuvenation, acne and spot treatment. The method that cleans the skin deeply is painless and. The hydrafacial treatment, which does not harm the skin, makes the skin regenerate, making it look healthier, brighter and more beautiful. With the method that goes down to the lowest layer of the skin and cleans the skin, the skin is purified from dead cells, allows the pores to be closed, and purifies the skin from oil and black spots. With Hydrafacial, scratches and wrinkles on the skin as well as color differences are removed.

    Venüs Legacy

    Venus Legacy, which can be applied to many areas of the skin, allows skin tightening and recovery, facial collagen increase, softening fine lines, and tightening the skin. Venus Legacy, which shows its effect as of the first session, is applied with radio frequency method without any pain and ache.

    venus legacy
    fraksiyonel lazer fractional laser

    Fractional Laser

    Fractional Laser therapy is used in the treatment of many skin problems. Fractional Laser, which is among the popular skin care applications of recent years, gives effective results in the treatment of acne, scars, burns or cuts. In addition, Fractional Laser is also used in the removal of skin cracks and wrinkles on the skin. The application is generally preferred by people who do not want to fillers or injection methods.

    Face Lift with HIFU

    HIFU treatment, which is applied using sound waves, is a face lift and skin rejuvenation method. The application, which allows the skin to regain the lost volume for various reasons, is performed without surgery or any incision. With HIFU face lifting, focused sound waves descend to the lowest layers of the skin and provide recovery and tightening of the skin.

    hifu yüz liftingi hi-fu-face lifting
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